Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekly Idea-Share

 This page was a last minute addition to an album I was hired to do. I mis-calculated the amount of pages I needed and ended the album with one side being empty. GASP! So I found some of the extra pictures I had put aside when doing the other pages and put them together with some embellishments. At that point I had the top left pictures/embellishments and the bottom right pictures/embellishments. It just looked like I did what I said I did, which was throw everything on the page (not cute). So I remembered my new white glossy accents and decided to make a circle of dots connecting the two corners of pictures/embellishments and also mimicking the background paper. I added another little circle of dots to the top left of the page also (just 'cause it was so much fun to add the other circle!).

Hope this gives you another idea to add to your arsenal. :)

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