Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Projects in Progress

Scrapbook Paper Re-Org   In the picture below: my scrapbooking paper, in the dividers on the shelf, mostly organized by color. More scrapbooking paper in the big clear bin below, not organized. I LOVE to organize my scrapbooking stuff. Re-organization usually happens after a big project and I realize (as I'm trying to find a certain embellishment or colored paper) I need an easier way to find that certain something. After being hired to complete two different 12x12 albums over the past couple months, I've realized I need more organization for my paper.


Now, I've split up the solid colors from the prints. So immediately after the "Pink" tab, is a "Pink (Patterned)" tab. BUT now that I've finally gotten all my paper in the 12x12 organizers, everything is majorly squished. So now I need a few more of these 12x12 organizers when finances allow. I'll take a picture when I've finished the project. Can't wait to finish, so in the future if I just want, for example, a blue solid piece of paper for a matte behind a photo, I'll be able to find it much faster than searching through patterned AND solid blue paper.


ANOTHER PROJECT: Spring planting    Although we live in an apartment, we have an area in front of our door and up our walkway that I fill with potted plants.This area does not get a lot of sun, but cute flowers survive pretty well (when I remember to water them) during the spring. We purchased some bulbs and plants from the 99 cent store this past Saturday and Sunday happened to be a perfect day to start planting. I hauled the plants to my table on our patio to start the project. Shown are my new little plants and bulbs in the front and a few of my ready-to-be-cleaned-up pots in the back. The succulent plants found in almost every pot of mine are my favorite since they don't require much water and LOVE the shade. But I do get tired of having only green plants, hence the annual spring flower planting. 

 So once the bulbs have started to come up (fingers-crossed) and it looks all spring-y, I'll post a picture.


  1. Well done on the organising and your little area of plants look lovely! (your blog background is so cute too!) scrappysue from BFS

  2. Looking very good! Just popping over from BFS :-)

  3. Wow... I'm impressed with your organization. I can never decide how to organize paper, and if I do it by color, I can never seem to find anything. I don't have cool cases though either. I just lump everything together by designer. :/ Great job on your post.