Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The funny

If I've gotta have some laughter (and who doesn't need more of that!) here are my go-to's (in no particular order):

*   Baby Laughing videos like this one. They have the best, true laugh.

*   Kristen Wiig is my favorite character on SNL and this is my FAVORITE skit:

*   "Bob's Burgers" - My new favorite show! SO funny.

*    My hubby and I both have a very sarcastic sense of humor and I LOVE that he makes me laugh all the time.

*    Our fur-child, a dog named Gizmo, makes me laugh all the time with his antics.

*   When someone walks in front of a camera acting as if they don't know they're in "the shot", in a skit or on a show. That gets me every time. I know, I'm crazy.

Hope these things make you laugh too (except for the last one, I know it's pretty random) :)